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Andrew T. Kodger

(Chief Instructor/President)

Andrew T. Kodger is the Founder and Head Instructor of Individual Fighting Systems and a proud member of Return to Eden, a belief based on normalizing and naturalizing how we see oneself without shame, clothes, or hiding anything from the world.

He has previously served as the South Carolina Regional Coordinator for Paul Vunak’s Progressive Fighting Systems and is a proud founding RounTable Member of Universal Combatives Alliance. He has had over 20+ years of martial arts experience ranging in everything from Bujitsu and Kobudo to the more modern street effective systems of Jeet Kune Do, American Kenpo, and Gracie Jiu Jitsu. This long and varied history combined with overcoming limitations by having a mild form Cerebral Palsy has given him a unique opportunity to understand the needs of the individual. He had to seek out the best in the world and study intensely to understand the human body, the mind, and the tactics behind each art just to be able to progress in a functional way within their systems. This grants him to ability to create highly personalized programs that are uniquely suited to each student that graces the doors of IFS. Since being told to open a public school by his JKD/FMA Sifu/Goru Thomas C. Cruse; he has worked with hundreds of students ranging from Military to the paralyzed and blind. Eight-time national champion and four-time self-defense champion Sifu Jody Sasaki once said that he (Andrew) “has the best grasp of the tactics, theories and philosophies behind the techniques than anyone else I know”.  He has worked with Relson Gracie. Sifu Lamar Davis II, Carlos Valente, Helio Gracie, Rickson Gracie, Thomas C. Cruse, Tony Blauer, and many more.


Beyond his extensive and distinguished martial arts pedigree you will find a man who’s number one belief is that each student is family. He built IFS as a place where people could come not only to learn to defend themselves but learn about themselves and find a home in a warm environment where everyone truly cares about each other.

Andrew regularly holds get-togethers with his students where they watch UFC or go to movies; each student is welcome to call him day or night if they have a problem. Family and loyalty are his driving motivations for structuring IFS. He believes that his school while being loyal to its lineage and associations is about more than styles or affiliations, it is about seeing each person grow into the best they can be and being the best version of themselves as possible.

Andrew T. Kodger



The following is not a list of Ranks, or an extensive complete list of my Training merely a highlight reel of the arts and Instructors that helped shape the Curriculum I now offer

Training History



1992 – 1998                             Kobudo                                          Vincent Moore


1992 – 1996                             Combat Karate                               John Taylor


1996 – 2000, 2003-2004         Kumiuchi JiuJitsu                   Brian Childress, Drew Walters,

Ryan Walters


(Aug) 1996 – (May) 1997       Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do             Ryan Walters


(Jun) 1997 – (Jan) 1998          Jeet Kune Do                          Drew Walters



(Sep) 1997 – present               Jeet Kune Do                          Thomas C. Cruse

Filipino Martial Arts

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


1997 – 1998                             Chinese Kenpo                                   Charles Powers


1998 – 2002                             American Kenpo                     Jody Sasaki


2004 – 2005                             American Kenpo                     Rick Brumby


2004 – 2009                             Brazilian Jiu Jitsu                   Carlos Valente, Jorge Borras


(Mar) 2009 – present               Gracie Jiu Jitsu                       Relson Gracie, Andre Derizans


(Apr) 2010 – present               Wing Chun                             Jason Korol


2011 – 2015                            American Kenpo/MKK              Jay Wilson Creel

20-17- Present                     Jun Fan Gung Fu/JKD/FMA/Silat       Ron Ballicki

1996 – present                         Various seminars and training in weapons training, JKD, and BJJ with:


Lamar Davis II

Dan Inosanto

Rickson Gracie

Helio Gracie

Ted Wong

“Judo” Gene LaBelle

Relson Gracie

and more