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LEO Program

Our LEO program is a highly specialized course specifically for our men and women in blue. At Individual Fighting we take our commitment to Law Enforcement seriously. Through our 18+ years of teaching we have studied and become certified in multiple martial arts as well as Law Enforcement programs. We have taken this knowledge combined with the Laws of your specific state to develop a unique approach to LEO training. We feel that this gives our LEOs a personal edge as we craft each program for your specific function.

Our Program consists of 3 stages:

  1. Control – In this stage you will learn how to apply holds and manipulate the body to deescalate and gain mastery over a low level threat situation as defined by your state
  2. Restraint This stage is for a more aggressive situation in which we learn to apply more powerful tactics and manipulations that render the opponent unable to strike back and aid in applying cuffs or other restraint devices. You will learn takedowns and ground control here.
  3. Force – This is the final stage. At this stage it has become obvious that you will be unable to peacefully subdue the suspect and take them into custody. This is for when your life is on the line and terminal action is required and acceptable.

Our course has a unique approach to each range of combat, understanding that as a LEO you must progress slower and more cautiously than most others. We also understand that almost every situation will be  an unfriendly environment as well as a potential Mass Attack scenario. In this setting you must be versed in not only hand to hand, but all the tools at your disposal. Including your baton, mace, cuffs and even tools from your environment. You must defend not only yourself, but the innocent civilians that may be in proximity all while maintain your sidearm and other issued tools. This becomes especially tricky when one is on the ground or in Close Quarters/Clinch. We specialize in quick moves that end, disentangle/disengage, enable you to create distance or quickly handle a ground encounter and quickly get on your feet when needed. All without loss of sidearm or other tools.

Lastly, we look at the psychology of a street encounter and the average suspect for each scenario. We feel that this gives you indispensable tool in your arsenal. Through this portion you gain the ability to deescalate certain scenarios without any force whatsoever. In others you gain time saving, and life saving insight into the suspect that will allow you to see how they are, they are planning to act or react to various stimuli allowing you act and react accordingly. Often times this will allow you to prevent or even preempt a life threatening or unfavorable outcome.