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Weapons, that is the primary focus of Kali, a martial art of the Philippines. It uses numerous weapons from a 28? stick to knives, swords, staffs, and more to not only arm its practitioners, but to turbo charge their empty hand skills. First question anyone should ask is why train in a weapons art like Kali. Let’s face it not many people are gonna carry a 28? rattan stick with them at all times and that is the first weapon you learn in Kali. The answer is simple: Speed! You see, the max speed of a standard size Kali stick is 125 MPH. This is faster than our empty hands alone. As a result, when we spend time reacting at those speeds and then ditch the sticks for a normal street encounter, it is like slowing a car from 70 to 55. after a few hours on the interstate upon entering the city, you feel like you can run faster than the car is going. The moves are the same with or without a weapon, there are only so many motions an arm can make. Throwing down the weapon, you will soon discover that your attacker may appear to be moving in “slow motion.” This is due, once again, to your nervous system constantly operating at a higher speed than your attacker.

Another advantage of Kali is the vast array of weapon types and sizes. Every different weapon type and size helps develop different attributes necessary to survive an encounter on the street. Some work speed, some like a knife work fluidity and agility, short weapons such as palm stick work precision and tight body mechanics. The Last major advantage we will hit on here is that Kali has no precise technique chart. It uses drills and variations to develop realistic, fluid, and individualized fighting tactics and skills in each practitioner. For example the basic Siniwalli six count has 288 variations using a combination of high low high and various strikes. This allows for a system of weapons that not only transcends to become an all encompassing martial art, but is truly alive. Remember it was the Filipino martial art of Kali that forced an American Military armed with .38 revolvers to develop and employ the Colt 1911 .45 automatic. If a .38 couldn’t handle Kali…Can you?