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Jeet Kune Do Concepts (JKDC, JKD) is not a martial art. Jeet Kune Do was the art created by Bruce Lee for Bruce Lee. He was arguably the most talented and gifted martial artist of the twentieth century. He could pull of moves few if any others could. The art died with him. What survives today are the concepts that he recognized, created, and honed. These concepts are applicable to anyone regardless of age, physical prowess/limitation, sex, or martial arts background. In JKD we work with each person to develop many key attributes such as speed, timing, reflexes, sensitivity (an attribute having to with reading pressure and muscle energy) and many others. We look at the concepts behind many martial arts and their techniques and help each student to learn how to develop and those concepts to each and every situation one may find themselves in. It is for this reason that JKDC is completely unique to each student and the reason behind the Individual Fighting Systems name and motto: “We teach individuals, not styles!”

There are many people that say they have studied multiple arts and are eclectic and thus have made their own JKD. There are others who read a book or attended a seminar and claim mastery of and instructor level in Jeet Kune Do. Let me warn you to wary of these people. Our JKD is certified and taught to us by Progressive Fighting Systems Founder: Paul Vumak and Co-Founder: Thomas C. Cruse.

Accept No Substitutes!