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Jiu Jitsu

At Individual Fighting Systems we realize that knowing how to defend yourself and be able to walk away is more than a good idea. With 98% of all fights going to ground, it is a necessity. It is with this in mind that we have sought and studied Jiu Jitsu as intensely as possible. Our program is a mixture of the most effective ground games around. Starting with a street modified Kumiuchi JIu Jitsu under a 5th degree black belt for the better part of 6 years, We moved on to ground game designed as part of the Progressive Fighting Systems (under Thomas. C. Cruse). Tom was a Purple Belt under Rickson Gracie. After moving to back to Mississippi, we hooked up with Carlos Valente and his Brown Belt Jorge Borras thanks to Professor Pedro Sauer . Shortly afterwards we moved back to Tennessee and began regular full trainings with Jorge and frequently Professor Carlos Valente himself. We continued forging a friendship with Pedro Sauer and getting advice from him as well as forging a friendship/partnership with Allen Hopkins the 2nd Black Belt ever under Professor Sauer. In January 2009, we had the good fortune to be in Mississippi and attend a Relson Gracie Seminar hosted by Gracie 601 in Meridian Since that time we have sought to strengthen our relationship with the Relson Gracie association and now train under Relson Gracie 3rd degree Black Belt Andre Derizans and regularly attend Relson Gracie’s seminars. With this new location we plan to bring Andre, Relson, and other Gracie’s and high ranking Gracie Black Belts down to continue delivering the high level of excellence that you would expect from a school with such an illustrious history in and around Jiu Jitsu.