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Individual Fighting Systems is a martial arts school unlike any other. Founded in October 1997 in Hattiesburg, MS by Andrew T. Kodger, IFS exist to redefine self-preservation training and the overall martial arts experience. IFS has a unique vision for how martial arts and self-preservation should be taught: Teach the individual, not the style. Each student is unique with specific strengths, weakness, goals, life experiences and overall slants on life. These differentiating qualities mean that no one system, style, technique, or tactic can or even will work for every student. Instead of forcing the student(s) into a mold of an art created several hundred if not thousand years ago. We, at Individual Fighting Systems, are constantly evaluating the student(s) and the curriculum to create, change, and tailor make a system that fits each person uniquely. This means that no two students experiences at IFS are ever the same. We guarantee a unique program and experience to each student. This unique approach means small class sizes and personal one on one attention.

It is this unique teaching structure and private/semi-private that allows Individual Fighting Systems to become more than just a school. IFS transcends the traditional martial arts structure and becomes a family. We strive to not only provide quality instruction for our students, but also to provide a sense of pride and connection. In an effort to provide the highest quality training available we have trained with and have ties to many of the best instructors and organizations in the world. That list includes:

Progressive Fighting Systems
    AKKI Kenpo
    Rickson Gracie
    Relson Gracie
    Lamar Davis II
    Sifu Jody Sasaki
    World Black Belt
    National Association of Professional Martial Artist
    Martial Arts Teachers Association
    Carlos Valente
    Pedro Sauer
    Marc “Crafty Dog” Denny


Be sure to check out our instructor page for a more detailed list of our affiliations and instructors.